On the occasion of the 95th anniversary of Lövith Egon Marc (1923-2009), QuadroShop presents a selection of the artist's ceramic works and his abstract paintings from the last period of his life (2000s). Lövith Egon Marc was a prominent figure of the Romanian and Cluj-Napoca art world. His creativity and humorous imagination has manifested itself in several genres: sculptures, paintings, graphics and ceramics. He was born on 21 May 1923 in Cluj-Napoca, part of a Jewish family. After the 1926 anti-Semitic student demonstration, when his father's shop was ravaged, he was forced to emigrate to Mexico. In this way the South American experience played an important role in the development of the visual language of the artist, being stronlz influenced by Aztec art and the work of the great modern muralist artists. This stage of his life made a strong mark on his later style and visual world. In 1936 the family returned to Cluj-Napoca, but after the deportations, the artist remained the only survivor in the family. After the war, he became a sculptor of Ion Andreescu's Institute of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca. Its style, regardless of its genre, is characterized by elementary shapes, warm, strong and expressive color, and a strong sense of humor. The Lövith 95th. Sale and Exhibition will be held at Quadro Shop, Samuil Micu Street 7, which can be visited from May21st until 16th of June, 2018.