About us

About us

Quadro Gallery is a modern art gallery founded in 2008, in recognition of the fact that the 20th century has bequeathed us a vast and rich regional artistic heritage which is not very well known, exhibited and promoted.

Our activity has a regional focus on the art of Transylvania, but we also think of the region in a broader sense: Romania, Eastern and Central Europe, the Eastern Block, etc., acknowledging that there are specific meanings behind all these levels.

The study of certain art phenomena allows not only to explore the past, but also to better understand the present, the historical, cultural context, the social, political and economic phenomena in this part of Europe, all of which have effects on the current social environment and art.

The gallery has succeeded in coagulating a consistent public and in gathering important collectors around its events, which we consider to be the most important result of our activity, entitling us to believe that the gallery is also a factor of social cohesion and development.



For general enquiries, please contact us at: office@galeriaquadro.ro 

For consignments and artwork evaluations, we are available at: consignment@galeriaquadro.ro 


Gallery Team

Sebestyén György Székely, art historian - owner, director, accredited expert

Hunor Vécsei, art historian - manager of Quadro Archive

Andreea Cărăușu, art historian - gallery manager

Xenia Tinca, art historian - gallery assistant and responsible for cultural projects